Wednesday, January 17, 2018


 Isn't this the truth? Spray tans are the best thing to be invented since, well forever! So many women now go with the motto "if you can't tone it, tan it"! Spray tanning appointments are on the rise. With the convenience of mobile service these days you can potentially have someone come to you and get bronzed within an hour. Now that's great service.

Gone are the days of the skin cancer machines aka tanning beds. No one wants to cook themselves anymore. Plus the health risks are too high. So spray tanning has become the go to for that healthy glow. Many solutions now have added ingredients that enhance your skins appearance. So instead of harming your skin you're actually giving it the nourishment it needs and on top of it you get an amazing tan.

This year save your skin...and get a faux glow! Whether your jet-setting across the globe, attending an important Gala, getting married or just looking for that last minute beauty pick me up. Remember a spray tan is always the classy choice!

Appointment Deets:
In home appointment time: 20 minutes
Average price: $85
Make sure to select a seasoned spray tan me they are NOT all the same.
Well prepared skin is a must. Post tan care is also important to keep the tan fresh and long-lasting.

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