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Wednesday, January 17, 2018


 Isn't this the truth? Spray tans are the best thing to be invented since, well forever! So many women now go with the motto "if you can't tone it, tan it"! Spray tanning appointments are on the rise. With the convenience of mobile service these days you can potentially have someone come to you and get bronzed within an hour. Now that's great service.

Gone are the days of the skin cancer machines aka tanning beds. No one wants to cook themselves anymore. Plus the health risks are too high. So spray tanning has become the go to for that healthy glow. Many solutions now have added ingredients that enhance your skins appearance. So instead of harming your skin you're actually giving it the nourishment it needs and on top of it you get an amazing tan.

This year save your skin...and get a faux glow! Whether your jet-setting across the globe, attending an important Gala, getting married or just looking for that last minute beauty pick me up. Remember a spray tan is always the classy choice!

Appointment Deets:
In home appointment time: 20 minutes
Average price: $85
Make sure to select a seasoned spray tan me they are NOT all the same.
Well prepared skin is a must. Post tan care is also important to keep the tan fresh and long-lasting.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Natural Vs Organic Spray Tan - San Diego Professional Mobile Spray Tan Service

Natural Vs Organic Spray Tan


Is there such a thing as organic spray tan?

In virtually every TV ad break, you’ll probably hear the words ”organic”and “natural” used to sell a wide variety of different products. These adjectives are often applied to products to make them appear healthier – including foods of questionable nutritional value like high-calorie cereal bars or soft drinks. The unfortunate result is that many people now confuse the terms “organic”and “natural” for each other.
In reality, natural products aren’t necessarily organic, and even products advertised as organic could contain a significant amount of unnatural ingredients.
In the US for example, products that don’t carry a USDA Organic Seal only need to contain 70% organic ingredients in order to advertise themselves as an organic product. The remaining 30% of ingredients don’t even need to be natural – so they may consist of nearly a third synthetic materials.
And thanks to confusing regulations in other territories, many products advertised as “organic” could be stretching the truth when it comes to some of their “organic” ingredients.
So what’s the story with organic spray tans? Does this mean spray tans that claim to be organic may not actually be organic at all?


While many spray tan products carry the words “organic” or “organically certified” on their packaging, in reality, there’s no such thing. And it’s not a case of those companies intentionally misleading their customers. Instead, the issue stems from a general lack of clarity as to what ingredients can reasonably be called organic.
A great example of this is dihydroxyacetone (DHA) – a common active ingredient in many spray tanning products. DHA is manufactured from natural sources including – but not limited to – sugar beet and rapeseed. And while many spray tan producers consider this naturally-based DHA to be an organic ingredient, others do not.
The reason for this is an ambiguous certification by a French company called ECOCERT; while many spray tan manufacturers consider ECOCERT certification to mean the DHA they use is organic, ECOCERT themselves assert their certification allows the use of non-organic raw materials in DHA production.
And even though the Australian Organic Standard requires only 95% of a product’s ingredients to be organic, we believe anything less than 100% is again misleading.
What should I look for instead of “organic” spray tans?
Rather than relying on “organic” labels, certification, or advertising claims, you should instead look for tanning products that are free from unnatural ingredients like:
● Alcohol
● Artificial perfumes
● Parabens
● Mineral oil
● Artificial preservatives
Not only will this ensure your glow is as close to organic as possible, you’ll also avoid unwanted side-effects and unnecessary harm to the environment caused by chemicals in many spray tan products.

Great post by SunFX 7-30-2015

Monday, June 8, 2015


How to Get the Most Natural-Looking Fake Tan Ever

We have no shame in preaching the dangerous side effects of both sunburns and suntans. Skin cancer is SERIOUS, and melanoma doesn’t discriminate. Watch this new PSA if you don’t believe us.
“Tanning results from injury to the DNA in skin cells,” says Dr. Hadley King, a dermatologist at NYC’s SKINNEY Medspa. “You can think of it as a defense mechanism, an imperfect attempt to prevent further DNA damage. This is why there is no such thing as a healthy tan: tanning occurs when the DNA is already being damaged.” A sunburn is caused primarily from UVB rays while a suntan is the result of UVA rays, and yet both are the result of UV radiation creating DNA mutations that can lead to skin cancer.
The American Cancer Society estimates there are more than 135,000 new causes of melanoma diagnosed in the U.S. each year and about 9,940 deaths each year. “If melanoma is diagnosed and treated early it is almost always curable, but if it’s not, it unfortunately can spread to other parts of the body and become fatal.”
So what’s a woman to do? First: always make a yearly appointment for a check-up with your dermatologist. And keep an eye on brown spots, says Dr. Jill Waibel, a certified dermatologist in Miami. “Signs of melanoma include brown spots that can vary in shape, size and color. If you have any suspicions, be sure to have a dermatologist check as soon as possible.”
Second: opt for summer color the healthy way. With this year’s advances in self-tanning technology, achieving natural-looking color is easier than ever. Follow these simple guidelines and you’ll be glowing in no time!
Use a Mitt.“The number one sign of a fake tan gone wrong is orange palms,” says Dannielle Crouch, a skin specialist and the founder of California-based Plush Tan. “A tanning mitt helps protect the hands from getting stained and also spreads the product more evenly on the body.” (No more streaks too!) While many tanning oils come packed with a mitt, lotions normally don’t. However you can purchase the St. Tropez Tan Applicator Mitt ($6.50) separately.
Hydrate Pre and Post-Tan.Hydrated skin promotes smoother application and ensures even fading. “This means a great body moisturizer each and every day following up to the tan and after the first post-tan shower,” says Crouch. However, the active ingredient in self, tanner, DHA, is dehydrating in itself. Look for formulas with moisturizing benefits, like Jergens Natural Glow Revitalizing Moisturizer ($8.99). It doubles as sunscreen too, adds Dr. Waibel, who is a personal fan of the product. Jurlique Sun Specialist Sunless Tanner ($36) also hydrates, protects with vitamin E and slows down signs of aging with its Austrailian superberry complex.
But Start With a Clean Slate.Though you don’t want to be Alligator-flaky, don’t apply lotion directly before tanning. “Your skin needs to be clean, dry and exfoliated with no lotion, deodorant or makeup left on the skin when applying the tan,” Dannielle tells us.
Tan in the Morning.Although tanning right before bed may be more convenient (we love the snooze button too!), Crouch says you have a larger margin of error if you apply right before you sleep. “It’s possible to sleep with your hand on your face, transferring the tanner from your face to your palms. Perspiring, which causes streaks, is also a risk while sleeping.” If a funky smell is your worry, use a formula that masks that traditional tanner-fragrance, like Svelta Tan Skin Perfecting Self-Tanner ($38) that has a warm vanilla scent.
Give a Spray Tan a Go.Don’t let Ross Geller’s spray tan experience keep you from trying it yourself. “It’s the best way to go if you want an all-over flawless, natural-looking tan,” says Crouch. “That means no streaks, no blotchy areas, your hands and feet aren’t stained and all areas of the body are equally covered with sunless tanning solution.” The only downsides: the cost (ranging from $25-60 per visit) and the time commitment (sessions are short, but you actually have to make an appointment).
Get All-Over Color.“When applying a self-tanner yourself, it’s impossible to get your backside,” says Crouch. “So your self-tan can’t be an all-over body tan unless you ask for help.” Until now. Xen-Tan Hard to Reach ($18) is a wand with foam pads that allows you to, you guessed it, swipe hard to reach places. Pure genius!
Nix Mistakes.Always use less tanner along the knees, elbows, hands and feet. But nobody’s perfect. “if you do make a mistake, remove self-tanner with a mixture of baking side and lemon and use a micro derma mitt or exfoliating mitt [to scrub it off]. Sometimes just coconut oil and an exfoliating mitt can help decrease the tan in some areas too.”Bronze Buffer Self-Tan Remover ($10) is our favorite quick fix.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Our Favorite Bridal secret!

We are so excited to share with you one of our favorite bridal secrets! PLUSH TAN of course! 
They absolutely LOVE giving that flawless glow to each one of their brides. Brides are all unique and request a different shade so they customize each tan to fit their specific style. From a hint of color to dark bronze, they can create that color just for you. Plush Tan is a mobile service so they go directly to your location. Want to treat your fav gals to a spray tan? Plush Tan can schedule a chic spray tan soiree to include your whole bridal party. Check out some of the stunning brides and their bridesmaids below. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Founder of Plush Tan: Her story with Skin Cancer : Melanoma

Dannielle's Story:

Sunless tanning is very personal and close to my heart. I was diagnosed with Melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer in my late 20's. It was a scary time for me and my family. Many people do not realize how dangerous tanning beds and outdoor tanning can be. I definitely was not one who ever thought I would be effected by skin cancer. I have olive skin and tan very easily. I just didn't fit the stereotype of those who get skin cancer. Many people don't realize that all skin types are at risk. 

I want our clients to know we are here to help protect them and give them another option to that gorgeous sun-kissed glow we all crave. I have personally dedicated my life to creating a superior tanning service while keeping our clients healthy. I have always been grateful for my trials and tribulations. It brought me to this business and I absolutely feel like I have the best job in the world! Save your skin and maybe your life...get a spray tan!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

CAN'T live without | frank body scrub

i’m frank coffee scrub packed with 
200g (7oz) 
of sweet almond, orange & lots of other good 
i’ll target cellulite, stretch marks, psoriasis, varicose veins, 

eczema and acne with roasted and ground robusta coffee 


i’ll smooth your lumps and bumps with brown sugar & sea 
salt, moisturize and tone your skin with cold pressed sweet 
almond oil, and use vitamins & minerals to work wonders 
the outside in. then i’ll make us both smell good with a 
little orange essence.

amazing for prep before your sunless tan!!!

How do I use frank?
Get naked and get in the shower. Turn the shower on and dampen your skin.
Get dirty by using approximately two small handfuls of scrub to cover your body.
Get rough with circular massage motions, concentrating on problem areas.
Leave scrub to dry for 5 to 10 minutes. Get clean by rinsing the scrub from your body.